Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley

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Note - the 1971 Fenwick department store display does now have its own page here
" Trumptonshire Tales "


An 80 minute live stage event featuring a one-to-one between Brian Cant and Phill Jupitus.
They chatted about all things Trumptonshire with clips from the series.
Plus filmed interviews with creator Gordon Murray and chief animator,Bob Bura.And then a full episode to round it all off.


Its debut was at the Encounters Animation Festival in Bristol on March 11th,2007.

It was a sell-out and was followed by a repeat performance at the London Barbican on May 27th,2007,which also had the added bonus of a live,one-off appearance by Bob Bura of Bura & Hardwick fame.

Then there was a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a week long residency at The Pleasance Beyond venue.
August 7th to 14th excluding Monday 13th £10 for adults & £8 for kids & concessions. And cheap at double the price.
Some Brian Cant articles

Below .... From left to right ....

A 1 page "where are they now" type article from 2004

A luxurious 3 page Play School wallow from 2006 with news of all your PS favourites

Plus .... I've also added a 2007 interview he did with the Scotsman newspaper Here

​The lady in the 2nd pic is Brian's wife,Cherry,who is the sister of tv personality Fern Britton.

Why Phill Jupitus  ( And,yes,it is double ' L ' btw )

He also narrated the Radio 4 documentary produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Camberwick Green's 1st broadcast in Jan.2006. ( transcript link further down this page.)

And the following press release gives an insight into why he was more than happy to do both ......

-As a child,the 15 minutes a week when I could escape to Trumpton or Camberwick Green were my most treasured.
Now that I'm a parent,I've watched them again and been stunned and thrilled to see that they still have the power to captivate and charm,and that the magic works both on me and a new generation. " 


The presence of the Windy figure was probably a little unfortunate.
As Brian had previously admitted that his promotional overtures to the makers,Robert Harrop,were ignored.

And the things on the screen in the 1st pic are just Encounters Festival sponsors,in case you were wondering.
BBC Radio 4 documentary

A 30 minute BBC Radio 4 programme produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Camberwick's 1st broadcast.

Titled "Here is a Box,a Musical Box",it aired on Tuesday 10th January,2006 at 11.30am.

Interviews were interspersed with series clips and linked by narrator and fan,Phill Jupitus.

I've had to slightly edit some comments,purely to try and make them a little more readable.

There are no startling revelations. But it all adds to the story. And I've put the full transcript,on its own page, here.
 Radiohead music video

Video for the track called "Burn the Witch". Released in May 2016 by one of the world's most successful bands.

A hommage to the cult,low budget 1970's British movie "The Wicker Man",done in the style of Camberwick & Trumpton 

Although most of the worldwide,young {-ish} audience were doubtless completely unaware of two such old,and singularly British,influences.
And we'll ignore the almost universally panned 2006 US Wicker remake with Nicolas Cage.
And finally .... Just a reminder that the 1971 Fenwick window display now has its own page here
Mind the Gap  !

There used to be another video in this space ....

A 1988 Spitting Image tv sketch from Series 5 Ep.1
[ Source IMDB ]

A Trumptonshire-style stop motion parody of the then Secretary Of State for the Enviroment,Nicholas Ridley.

But it was someone else's Youtube upload that went awol
And a particular disappointment for 2 reasons :-

1. Forget the politics. It was just a really well-executed bit of stop motion fun "in the style of".

2. I've not seen it anywhere else - either before or since.